COOK Poop Bags - COOK Tüketici Ürünleri
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Specially Made For
Pet Waste

COOK Poop Bags

Eco-friendly, completely biodegradable COOK Poop Bag; It is always with you with its practical and comfortable use and the carrying dispenser specially designed for the product!

Puppies tend to poo on average 6 times a day and adult dogs poo averagely 2 times a day.

Not to pollute the environment and to show respect to the people in the common areas, their poop should be taken appropriately and left in the trash can.

Your Walks with Your Little Friend Will Become Much More Enjoyable and Stress-Free!

Thanks to its easy and practical use and special bone-shaped design you will be able to carry it easily.

The dispenser is designed in 4 colors according to the user’s preference such as pink, blue, green, and black.

The dispenser, which can be attached to collars, waist of trousers, or can be used as a key chain.

Longer Use with Refills

You will be able to use the refill rolls produced for this product, which you can easily carry with you and in your handbag, for a long time by placing them in the dispenser.

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