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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions about our Kitchen Products

You can easily use our Kitchen Assistant Products included in COOK, Mest, Aster groups.Fridge Bag, Ziplock Freezer Bag, Stretch Film, Aluminum Foil, Oil Baking Sheet, Oven Bags, Ice Bags are our products under the category of kitchen products. These products are manufactured in complete hygienic environment.Besides, our products have warnings on them in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex based on their fields of usage.

We act by adopting the principle of offering practical solutions to the consumer all the time with our products. Being damp proof is one of the issues that we give importance in our products such as refrigerator bag, litter bag and stretch film.

The durability of our products allows you to use them several times on the same food. Each product differs in its category in this respect. While our products such as Ice Bag, Oven Bag can be used once, products such as Aluminum Foil, Stretch Film, Oily Baking Paper and Refrigerator Bag can be used again.

Refrigerator Bag and Ice Bag are our products usable in refrigerator & freezer.Being very practical in storing foods in deep-freezer, while Refrigerator Bag ensures protection of fruit, vegetable and dry foods as fresh as ever, it protects foods against external effects and bacteria.Being more hygienic and practical compared to standard ice molds,Ice Bag makes your ice ready within 15 minutes in the freezer and provide ease of use.

Our refrigerator bags with their raw material as polyethylene allow you to keep your food as fresh as ever and hygienically.

Lock found in the mouth section of Locked Freezer Bag blocks air contact for foods within the bag and it prevents mixing of food aromas and odors.

You can use Microwave Stretch Film to cook with microwave method with its special formula to resist against high temperatures. Being very advantageous for melting the frozen food in microwave, you can cook different meals with COOK Microwave Stretch Film in a short time.

Stretch Film can be used in preserving all types of food on condition that it does not contact directly with fat and fatty food. As per the communique numbered 2005/33 of Turkish Food Codex, there are not any problems for PVC Stretch Film to contact with foods except fat and fatty foods.

Biodegradable Stretch Film is used to preserve all tpyes of food including fat and fatty foods. With Biodegradable Stretch Film, stored food will be preserved very fresh and protected from external effects.

Thanks to its perforations in every 33 cm, it allows to cover 150 plates. COOK Cut Stretch Film is produced as 50 meters. Self-perforated Cut Stretch Film can be torn easily to give to ease of use in the kitchen.

As per the communique numbered 2005/33 of Turkish Food Codex, there are not any problems for Stretch Film to contact with foods except fat and fatty foods. Refrigerator bags do not restrict any type of contact with all foods. All COOK products do not harm human health if used as per instructions found on packing of these products.

Protection duration may vary depending on the type of food and storage conditions, ambient temperature. Fridge Bags, Stretch Film and Aluminium Foil wrapped foods can be stored for longer and under healthier conditions compared to those left in the open.

The real product name is Baking Paper and it does not include any oils. The material providing gliding feeling on the paper is a silicon formula which is completely healthy for contacting foods. Special formula allows preventing sticking of food during cooking on the paper and gives you the feeling as if it is oily. New COOK Baking Paper does not contain lard or trans oil and no carcinogenic substances.

Baking Paper provides a superb usage for meal to be cooked in the oven. Oven trays do not get dirty when cooked using Baking Paper, tray does not require oiling and while your foods are cooked, they do not stick to the tray.

Baking Paper is resistant up to 210 degrees with its special structure.

With Aluminum Foil, stored food will be preserved very fresh and protected from external effects.

Keeping foods in higher temperatures for so long as wrapped with aluminum foil may cause aluminum to pass onto the food based on the type of food. Especially with meat, chicken and fish, this aluminum passage rate may increase. Therefore, Aluminum Foil is more healthy to use for storage purposes. After wrapping the food or the container with aluminum foil, you can keep it in refrigerator or at room temperature. If it is necessary to use Aluminum Foil during cooking, we recommend you to wrap COOK Baking Paper on the food that comes into contact with aluminum foil and then you can safely use COOK Aluminum Foil over the baking paper. Thus, you will be able to prevent contact of aluminum to the food even at high temperatures.

Oven bag does not have any harm to health. With its practical use; it allows to preserve foods such as chicken, fish by protecting their flavor and nutritive values and facilitates their cooking. It also prevents contamination of your oven.

Oven Bag is resistant up to 200 degrees with its special structure.