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Cooking Products

COOK Oven Bag

Oven bags are heat-resistant polyester or nylon casings that are used for cooking foods including meat derivatives and vegetables. Oven bags trap natural fluids in the food and prevent desiccation. Foods cooked in COOK Over Bag protect their flavor, odor…

COOK Multi-Purpose Aluminum Foil

The usefulness and durability of aluminum foil meet the healthy advantages of baking paper that does not stick to foods. Consisting of aluminum foil on one surface and baking paper on the other surface, COOK Multi-Purpose Foil can be used…

COOK Baking Paper

During production of cooking papers called as “wax paper” in public, no animal, synthetic or vegetable oils are used. The material giving slickness feeling on the paper is the formula consisting of silicone or natural wax material which is completely…