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Smell Excelent!

COOK Scented Litter Bags

Stop bad smell with specially developed scented litter bags for malodorous garbage!

Designed to match the dimensions of all standard trash bins, the scented litter bags bring refreshment to your home with different type of parfumes.

Scented litter bags produced within the COOK’s waste management group, has excellent level of sealing quality and durability. Furhtermore after completing their duty at outdoors, they transform into carbon dioxide and water in 24 months.

COOK Scented Litter Bags are biodegradable and they are an environmentalist solution following world standards in waste management.

COOK Spring Flowers Scented Litter Bag Small Size

COOK Apple Scented Garbage Bag Medium Size

Cook Melon Scented Litter Bag Large Size

COOK Ocean Scented Litter Bags Toilet Size

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